Bring the Slow Lifestyle home with you. Every brand in our store is mindfully selected out of a wide variety of sustainable and ethical brands from around the world. Every item we sell promotes the Slow philosophy and has the capability of helping you to better connect with the present moment.

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Classic Danish design, handmade in Nepal. These woolen items will either keep you, or the object they are designed for, warm in any conditions. Betterfelt is a Fair Trade importer, and their motivation to create great working conditions for their employees.



Dive in to the world of design, art and style. Read about interesting travel destinations as well as stories of inspiring human beings. Cereal, founded by Rosa Park in 2012, is an independent biannual magazine with their main focus on travel and style.



DEDICATED is a brand with a clear purpose; to be part of a change in the clothing industry, and to do good both to people and the planet. By collaborating with some of the most legit certifications in the industry, DEDICATED shows the path towards more sustainable fashion.



These authentic jewelry and accessories can be worn proudly. For they are created with a kind and environmental friendly purpose; to replant trees and to spread funding and awareness to the deforestated areas in the Caribbean and Central America. By supporting Enbois, you will help creating a better future for all of us.



FI-NE creates cosmetics, that are just as FINE as the brands name suggests. Organic, cruelty-free, aluminium salts free, and without any synthetic preservatives, colours, fillers or fragrances. These cosmetics are of the finest kind.



Focusing on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency, Frama creates products for every room in your house. All the pieces, whether being furniture, book or apparel, are represented with a graphical and straight forward aesthetic approach to design.



Gestalten is an international publishing house collaborating with creatives around the world to explore the fields of architecture, culture, fashion, food, travel, and contemporary art. The gestalten narrative exists beyond the textual realm; regardless of the medium at hand, Gestalten strives to inform and inspire its community.



What started as a tiny family business, soon turned to a small giant challenging company in the skincare world. Haeckels, with their coastal license, is allowed to harvest ocean vegetables directly from a cretaceous chalk reef. This allows their committed team to design unique natural products with exceptional quality.



Kenkawai, which in Japanese means ”health” and ”river outfall”, is a brand that creates luxurious Japanese towels and handcrafted charcoal goods. With their honest and authentic products, Kenkawai is respecful of the Slow concept.



Since the launch in 2011, Kinfolk has been bringing inspiration and promoting quality of life in their quarterly magazines. The magazine with its appealing aesthetics, put together by a global community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo, is today sold in over 100 countries.

Le Bénéfique


With their pure and natural flavored herbal tea, Le Bénéfique takes you on a journey you never would have guessed you would travel. The carefully picked herbs and plants, from some of the most secluded spots on Earth, help creating the heavenly infusions.



Less REALLY IS more. More natural, pure and fresh – and in fact, so fresh, that all their products are labeled with a best-before date. What, on the other hand, Less is less of, are preservatives, perfumes and additives. And that is not a bad thing.



These handmade wooden puzzles come directly from the magical forests of Northern Finland. Besides being made of the highest Finnish quality, PEFC-certified birch plywood, these creative 3D puzzles also provide a sense of wonder for their new owner when putting together.



“Look good while doing good” is the philosophy behind this sustainable and eco-friendly eyewear brand. Most of the raw materials are biodegradable and therefore easy to recycle, and the activities of creating a pair of shades only put a tiny amount (266 g) of CO2 in the air.

New Heroes & Pioneers


These aesthetic coffee table books contain an interesting and eclectic mixture of art, culture and fashion. What makes this concept unique is the fact that the Swedish publishing house is dedicated to being a vehicle for discovering and promoting new and unknown artists.

Ole palsby


These iconic kitchenware items are all about bringing extra pleasure in our everyday lives. Just as we usually recognize Scandinavian design, are these Danish tools minimalistic and sophisticated in style. All the products are distinguished by honest lines and humanistic values.

O my bag


A great bag has to tick all the boxes; to have enough space to carry all your essentials, to match with the most of your outfits, to be of good quality, and to be made in a sustainable manner. If you have been looking for a bag like this, then look no longer – for O My Bag is the answer.



This Dutch brand has invented a way which prevents you from ever losing your socks again. Every sock has a button on one and a loop on the other, so you can always tie them together. Besides this smart design, the socks are made of GOTS certified cotton, which makes them 100% sustainable.



Fair-fashion with a minimalistic look. Since the foundation in 2009, Rotholz’s goal has been to produce clean and simple clothing in fair, sustainable and local manner.

Saint d’ici


With natural ingredients from small-scale farmers and artisanal distillers across the African continent, as well as inspiration from age-old literature, Saint d’ici creates truly unique perfumes. All fragrances are blended in limited quantities and every bottle is crafted by hand.

Seljak brand


Two girls dreaming of a world without waste – that is how the Seljak brand was born. The ambition of the brand is to create blankets that are made of minimum 70% recycled wool. After the product has served its purpose it can be sent back to the brand to close the loop.

Sloppy tunas


Today we know, that plastic might not be just as fantastic, as we thought it would be when it was invented in the 60’s. But the great guys behind Sloppy Tunas have found a way to use plastic in a pretty fantastic way – by transforming plastic waste collected from the ocean to trendy and high quality swimwear.



Simple. Unique. Living. Breathing. Organic. WE-AR is all that, and more. Designs inspired by nature and the endless artistry of the human form. Clothing made of environmental friendly materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo and tree silk. Created with movement in mind for people who want to feel free.



This cute little box will help you in tuning into a slower pace at your home. Its motion sensor will activate the box automatically as soon as you walk in a room, and set off an exhilirating singing of birds. It will help you in quieting your mind and bringing your soul back to nature.



Sometimes the most creative ideas are born in the most unexpected moments of life – like when you miss a train to work. And sometimes, it is that exact idea which then later on leads to a creation of a new, innovative, 100% natural, recyclable and biodegrable product. Or at least that’s how this brand, 1521, came about and got its name.