The slow movement encourages us to slow down our pace, our speech, the way we grow and make our food, how we live.

What started thirty years ago as a response to fast food chains destroying local communities and natural ecosystems has become a way of being in the world.

To live slowly is a conscious choice. It is an acknowledgement that good things in life take time to come into full being; to become perfect creations. It is an awareness of the fact that the world has become too fast, and that our bodies and minds cannot keep up with it anymore. It is an intention to pay more attention to the little details that often get lost in the rush of the world. To live life slowly is to live more mindfully and more purposefully.

Slowing down means becoming more aware of our presence and our patterns of behavior. It means becoming more mindful of every breath, every intention, and every action. It means becoming more conscious of the fact that life is an interconnected system of organisms and agents which depend on one another.

Slowing down is not a sign of laziness. On the contrary, slowing down will eventually allow us to hear that voice deep down inside of us; a voice that speaks without judgment and acts without fear; a voice that awakens, transmutes, and heals. To be able listen to that voice in a world that has become too loud is a revelation. To be able to be consistently tuned into that voice is a revolution.

How ‘The Slow’ came about

It took an afternoon in Bali for the world of Sari to come slowing down. It was unbearably hot and humid, and Sari, an avid world traveler and architect, was itching in the clothes he was wearing. So he walked into a yoga clothes shop, ditched his high-end labels for some really comfortable, well-made clothes, and walked out a changed man.

From there, he went on to look for more brands that are organic, ethical, and sustainable. What he was really looking for was really simple: good brands that have a good purpose. His quest took him to places near and far, until the journey led him to open his own space in Beirut. At The Slow, he curates a selection of brands that he has personally tried and tested while traveling around the world.

At The Slow, Sari invites people to slow down. In the process, they get to experience what it is like to live life more fully and more consciously.